What Are The 5 Best Benefits Of An Irrigation System For Homes?

People Near You Are Getting An Irrigation System For Their Homes For These Reasons

Whether you love the look of your yard or saving money, an irrigation installation can help you do that and more!

In this post, you can find out the 5 top benefits of an irrigation system for homes.

Beautiful and green lawn with a flourishing plant area

What Are The 5 Best Benefits Of An Irrigation System

1. Your curb appeal stays high

An irrigation system makes sure your plants stay healthy and look amazing.

Without an irrigation system, there’s always a chance you may overwater or underwater your lawn and plants. This will damage them and make them look bad, which lowers your curb appeal. It’s also sad to see dying plants.

If you leave for a while and don’t water your plants, they may start wilting.

Sprinkler systems give the perfect amount of water to your landscape (even when you’re away), keeping your curb appeal intact.

2. You save money

You can save money by using automatic watering systems for your landscape.

No more worrying about wasting water or raising your water bill by overwatering. Installing a rain sensor with it can lower your water bill by a few hundred dollars!

Let’s look at an example of a home that has water service from Toledo. Our example system has 6 watering zones. Each zone waters its section for 30 minutes, totaling 180 minutes. There are about 20 gallons per minute running through the system, totaling 3,600 gallons of water. 

1,000 gallons of water = 133.681 cubic feet, so our 3,600-gallon cycle = 481.25 cubic feet.  Since the water in Toledo is billed at $3.017/100 cubic feet (assuming that 160,000 has not been exceeded) the total cost of this single cycle is $14.52.

Therefore, every time the rain sensor keeps this system from running during the rain, the property owner saves $14.52 on their water bill. After doing this 18 times the initial investment pays for itself.

Based on historical data from weatherspark.com, between April 1st and October 15th Toledo experienced 37 days of precipitation in excess of a quarter inch in 2021.  If the client in our example above would have had a functional rain sensor during that time, they would have saved a minimum of $537.24 over the course of the watering season!

3. You save time

Leave the hose where it is and spend your time doing what you enjoy!

This is one of the best benefits of an irrigation system. An automatic irrigation system takes care of watering the lawn and plants for you. Now you can use the time to relax, spend time with your family, or do anything else you like doing.

4. You boost your property value

Wouldn’t you want a home that has something that saves you money and time?

Irrigation systems boost property value because it’s useful. It can even boost the property value over the cost of the system itself.

5. You’ll have a better landscape

One of the most obvious benefits of an irrigation system is it helps your landscape to flourish!

Drip irrigation can help reduce weeds because they channel the water directly to your plant’s roots instead of other areas where weeds can grow.

Overwatering can cause diseases and can lower the nutritional value of your soil (which makes it worse for plants). Underwatering can dry the soil out, making it more prone to erosion and lowering the nutritional value.

An automatic system will also take care of your lawn while you’re gone!

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