8 Types of Sprinklers and Their Benefits For Your Toledo, OH, Lawn

A beautifully lush lawn that is being irrigated by sprinklers installed by Simmons Landscape and Irrigation

Ever wondered why your neighbor’s lawn always looks lush and green? Or why your lawn doesn’t seem to have the same vibrancy despite your best efforts? Well, the secret could be in the type of sprinkler they’re using or the irrigation system they had installed! In this blog post, we’ll demystify the different types of […]

The Best Types Of Drainage Systems And Their Benefits

Drainage systems are an essential part of modern infrastructure, providing an efficient and effective way to manage excess water and prevent flooding. This is important in preventing subsidence in your yard. Just like an irrigation installation ensures your lawn gets enough water, a drainage system is a network of channels and pipes that redirect excess […]

How To Zone A Sprinkler System And The Sprinkler Head Types For Them

This Is How We Zone Sprinkler Systems And Choose Sprinkler Heads For Our Clients In And Around Hancock County, Lucas County, And Wood County, Ohio People often ask us about sprinkler zones and the types of heads that are best for them. In this post, you can find out how we zone sprinkler systems. You […]

3 Best Types Of Irrigation Systems For Your Lawn And Garden

These Are The Irrigation System Types We Recommend For Our Clients Living In Hancock County, Lucas County, And Wood County, Ohio Knowing the best irrigation installation and design for your yard can help you save water, money, and your plants. It’ll also lessen your stress and increase your enjoyment! In this post, you can find […]