6 Local Companies We Love To Recommend To Our Customers

Here at Simmons Landscape and Irrigation, we take pride in providing our customers with exceptional service and top-quality work when it comes to irrigation installation & design, maintenance, and repair. That being said, we sometimes get requests from our customers for services that are related to landscaping and irrigation, but they aren’t the ones that […]

The Best Way to Water Grass


Pretty much everyone looks forward to spending time outdoors, under the sun, in the pool, and on the lawn. However, as we travel, we begin to see a difference in the lush green lawns of the neighborhood and begin to wonder why some lawns are greener. It comes down to the saturation health of our […]

Irrigation Timer Guide: The Best Smart Sprinklers for Your Home

Your sprinkler system keeps your yard looking great in Bowling Green, Ohio. Recent technological advances have made it even easier for you to take care of your lawn. A smart irrigation installation with a timer lets you schedule watering, ensuring your grass gets the exact amount of water it needs to thrive.  You can use […]

How To Best Solve Yard Drainage And Standing Water Problems

This Is How People In Wood County And Lucas County, Ohio Solve Yard Drainage And Standing Water Problems Everyone hates having problems like these because it limits how and how often you can use your backyard. Just like it’s hard to enjoy a lawn with dry patches because it doesn’t have a professional irrigation installation, […]

What Is The Best Irrigation System Definition For Homeowners?

This Is The Meaning Of An Irrigation System And Why It’s Important To Have One Knowing what an irrigation system is can help homeowners better understand why it’s beneficial to have a professionally designed irrigation installation. In this post, you can find out the best definition of an irrigation system. You can also discover why […]

How Often Should You Run Your Sprinklers For A Healthy Lawn?

People Near You Water Their Lawns This Often So It Stays Healthy, Green, And Beautiful Aren’t you tired of not knowing how to best care for your lawn? Watering is one of the most important parts of keeping a lawn green and healthy. In this post, you can find out how often to water a […]

3 Best Types Of Irrigation Systems For Your Lawn And Garden

These Are The Irrigation System Types We Recommend For Our Clients Living In Hancock County, Lucas County, And Wood County, Ohio Knowing the best irrigation installation and design for your yard can help you save water, money, and your plants. It’ll also lessen your stress and increase your enjoyment! In this post, you can find […]