Irrigation Timer Guide: The Best Smart Sprinklers for Your Home

An irrigation timer

Your sprinkler system keeps your yard looking great in Bowling Green, Ohio. Recent technological advances have made it even easier for you to take care of your lawn. A smart irrigation installation with a timer lets you schedule watering, ensuring your grass gets the exact amount of water it needs to thrive. 

You can use this article to review the best smart sprinkler controllers available. 

#1: RainMachine Touch HD

When it comes to a smart sprinkler controller, the experts often recommend the RainMachine Touch HD model. This system comes with two models: 12 zone and 16 zone, allowing you to select a system that fits the size of your lawn.

Once you select a RainMachine model, you can control it from your smartphone. However, the system also has an offline mode. In offline mode, the system sets the timer and operates automatically. 

The RainMachine can track weather patterns in your area with its forecast control systems. You may also take advantage of the system’s seasonal configurations to effectively handle the outdoor elements all year long. 

#2: Hunter Sprinkler XC8000 Controller Station

The XC8000 only offers 8 zone controlling. However, affordable pricing, ROAM control system, and easy-to-follow instructions make up for this somewhat limited capacity. You can control this sprinkler system from a distance, and it makes a solid choice if you desire a straightforward option. 

#3: Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

You can select an 8 or 17-zone model for this sprinkler timer. The Rachio 3 uses the WiFi from your home to make programming your preferences easy. In addition, you may use the company’s app or website to program the sprinkler system.

The Rachio 3 also comes with features that track weather forecasts. For example, you can order it to skip watering on days with rain, allowing you to avoid:

  • Watering 
  • Wasting water
  • Increasing your water bills 

Learn more about this sprinkler timer by reaching out to our team. 

#4: Orbit B-Hyve 57950 WiFi Sprinkler Controller

The B-Hyve works with Android and iOS devices and provides 12 control zones. We found the system easy to install and use.

It provides you with easy smart watering options and adjusts watering schedules based on changes to the weather. Additionally, the B-Hyve system comes with sustainability certification from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

#5: Rain Bird ST80 Irrigation Controller

The Rain Bird irrigation timer boasts impressive levels of weather resistance, making it a great choice if you want to install the controller outside. In addition, it offers you 8 coverage zones, along with a delay feature on the water timer.

The system works with Alexa as well as some Android devices. In addition, you can set up the Rain Bird app to send you push notifications. The Rain Bird also comes with a weather-resistant lockbox, giving you protection when you automatically water your lawn.

#6: Blossom 7 Wireless Sprinkler Control System

The Blossom 7 system only handles 7 zones. However, it integrates well with Alexa and draws weather data from satellites, allowing the system to decide when and if to water your lawn. You can even set it up to perform rain delays. 

The system’s Xona feature allows you to adjust watering based on the kind of vegetation on your lawn. However, it lacks impressive weather resistance and doesn’t have a touch panel. Consider these potential drawbacks before you make your purchasing decision. 

#7: Netro 6 Smart Sprinkler Controller

You may also want to consider the Netro 6 unit. This relatively simple system handles the watering schedules for your lawn without adding a lot of extra frills. It only covers six zones but does offer bad weather detection.

The system comes with a unique feature that lets it review your local regulations on watering. The system can then follow these rules automatically, helping you avoid fines for overwatering. However, it does not come with a digital panel. 

You must use the system’s app to program the irrigation time for the Netro 6 timer. 

#8: Eve Aqua Smart Controller

You may consider the Eve Aqua system if you want an easy-to-install sprinkler control option. Most people can get the Eve Aqua system set up in only a few minutes. In addition, the unit comes with Bluetooth connectivity, making it easy to control even if you don’t have extra apps. 

The Eve Aqua unit comes with a child lock, which allows you to control who uses the system. However, it does cost more than some other options on our list, and you have to have a HomeKit system to make it work. 

#9: Gro Irrigation Controller

Many lawn care professionals recommend the Gro controller. It handles up to seven zones and can function with water sensors to detect the amount of water currently in your soil. The system uses this information to set up an ideal watering program. 

The Gro system taps into local weather forecasts, automatically adjusting its programming based on the current chance of rain. We also appreciate the system’s aesthetics; it has a very clean look and avoids confusing screens or buttons. 

The Gro system works well with Google and Alexa and comes at a reasonable cost. However, it doesn’t offer much in the way of weather resistance, and you have to use the app to enter controls into the system. 

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The correct irrigation timer can keep your lawn watered and thriving while saving time. You can get professional help installing one of these systems when you reach out to our team. We can also explain the best way to utilize smart sprinklers. 

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