How To Best Solve Yard Drainage And Standing Water Problems

This Is How People In Wood County And Lucas County, Ohio Solve Yard Drainage And Standing Water Problems

Everyone hates having problems like these because it limits how and how often you can use your backyard. Just like it’s hard to enjoy a lawn with dry patches because it doesn’t have a professional irrigation installation, it’s hard to enjoy a lawn when it becomes swampy after every rainstorm.

In this post, you can find a few different ways to fix watery backyard problems. You can also discover what problems can happen if you don’t solve them.

Dry creek beds are a great way to solve yard drainage and standing water problems

The Problems With Overly Watery Yards

Everyone can think of the common problems with overly watery yards- can’t use them when you want to, dead patches of grass, and a potential mosquito problem.

You may not have heard about the other yard drainage and standing water problems that can happen.

Plant diseases and fungi can start killing your yard. Water can seep into your home’s foundation and basement, causing issues. It can even start making its way into your home.

Along with this damage, mold and mildew can start growing. If this gets into your home it can cause health problems (which we don’t want to happen to anyone!)

6 Solutions For Yard Drainage And Standing Water Problems

1. Channel drains

A channel drain is great for solid surface areas that have water issues.

Driveways, walkways, and sidewalks are great examples. You may have a driveway that floods every time it rains. A channel drain looks like a long grate in the concrete. The water flows into here and makes its way to another area.

2. Yard drains

This is one of the better solutions for yard drainage problems.

A gutter downspout looks like a small grate in the ground. You can place it in the areas of your yard where you have standing water problems. The water just drains right down it.

Depending on how bad your problem is, you can add a 500 or 2,000-gallon rainwater system with it. You can also combine it with a dry creek bed.

3. Dry creek bed

You’ll love having a dry creek bed because you can use it to introduce a new look to your yard. 

Dry creek beds are shallow trenches that have rocks and gravel of various sizes. It directs the water to another area that has better drainage. It’s definitely one of the prettier solutions to yard drainage problems.

4. Rain garden

Rain gardens are another pretty option that helps solve standing water problems.

A rain garden is basically a natural area that absorbs standing water. The plants soak up the water as it slowly drains through the soil. There is a wide variety of plants you can choose from to protect and beautify your yard.

5. French drain

French drains are areas where you scoop out thick soil and replace it with rocks and gravel, then cover it so it blends in with your yard.

How they work to solve yard drainage and standing water problems is by breaking up the soil. This gives the water a place to go besides pooling on top of the ground. French drains are great for areas with thick soil or soil with a lot of clay.

6. Dry wells

A dry well is basically an underground holding tank for water.

The water that normally puddles up in certain areas will go into the dry well and naturally make its way into the soil. It does this through small holes in the tank. This also keeps it from filling up during a rainstorm. Most tanks tend to hold 50 gallons of water.

*you can see videos on how some of these work

Enjoy Your Home To The Fullest

When you can’t use part of your home, you’re missing out on a lot. If anything, you aren’t getting your money’s worth!

If you have an irrigation system and suddenly have yard drainage or standing water problems, you may need irrigation repair. Contact us if this is the case so we can help you get your yard back on track.

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