How Much It Costs To Repair An Irrigation System So It Works Wonderfully

People In Wood County, Lucas County, And Hancock County, Ohio Are Investing This Much So They Can Have Less Stress And Do Less Work

Repairing an irrigation system

You don’t need to be running outside to water your lawn and garden in the heat (or ever). If your irrigation system isn’t working, let’s get it up and running again so you can relax!

In this post, you can find out irrigation repair prices. You can also find some of the main reasons the cost can change.

I’m Not Going Back Out There Again

“Then we need to get our irrigation system fixed,” says Sarah.

James sighs. “I know. This kind of thing was bound to happen, but at least we know who to call! What I don’t know is how much it costs to repair an irrigation system.”

“I don’t know irrigation repair prices either,” admits Sarah. “But I know how we can find out! We get on Google and do some digging,” she suggests.

James nods as he takes his phone out of his pocket. “Then let’s see what we can find. Maybe the contractor we’re going to use has a blog post on this or something.”

Here’s what James finds out and shares with Sarah.

How Much It Costs To Repair An Irrigation System

Making repairs to an irrigation system

First, a company has to do an on-site assessment, which can cost $300. The actual repairs are charged at an hourly rate. If the repairs are an easy fix we’ll address them on the spot. If major repairs are in order we’ll take care of them in less than a week.

What’s Included In An Irrigation System Assessment

The on-site assessment includes a detailed health inspection of your entire irrigation system. 

  1. We’ll identify the main visible issues on your lawn
  2. Then, we’ll take extra time to find less obvious problems
  3. Finally, we’ll provide you a detailed written report of all the issues

We’ll also give you our recommendations for the repairs and a plan for the next steps you can take.

The Main Kinds Of Repairs Your Irrigation System May Need

A damaged irrigation system

We may need to repair a gate valve or ball valve. This is what lets the water out and keeps it in.

Your sprinkler heads may have some damage, which means they’ll need replacing.

The sprinkler heads may have been misaligned due to ground heave. As the temperature changes the ground shifts, which can move your sprinkler heads around.

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“Now we just need to get them out here and see what they have to say,” says James. Sarah smiles. “Good, I don’t want you to have to hand-water the yard anymore. While we’re in the swing of things, let’s see what the other posts cover.”

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